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The Parish Church of The Holy Cross

Airedale with Fryston


© Holy Cross Church Airedale with Fryston

June 2020

Dear all,

So what changes will be necessary as we begin to open again? Below are a number

of changes I have considered and put in place; most are based on the current

instructions from the government and advice from the diocese, some are my own

ideas as to how to respond on a local level. These are likely to be open to ‘tweaks’

as the situation changes.

 We will continue to open every day between 11am and 12 noon for private

    prayer. This is likely to continue for only a couple more weeks as the church

    building becomes available to conduct funerals.

 At this stage I will not be opening for baptisms –this will, of course, be

    reviewed on a regular basis.

 Communion services will be available at the following times:

                    o Sunday morning –9am

                    o Sunday morning –10.30am

                    o Wednesday morning –9.30am

 Please consider carefully which service you would prefer to attend. Both

   services will be identical and both in the main body of the church to enable

   The necessary distance between worshippers.

 Although there will be music at both the Sunday services singing is currently

   not allowed. This is due to the projective nature of singing that spreads the

   virus further than simple speech.

 No books or sheets will be in use –again to prevent cross contamination by

   touch –the service will be projected on the screens as usual.

 Instructions as to cleansing, seating and procedure will be on display in the

   church on your arrival.

 Please do keep to all the social distancing guidelines and where possible use

   the following one way system –IN through the front doors –OUT via the side


 There will be no need for servers or sidespeople etc. at this point.

 The area of greatest risk of cross contamination is in the toilet so, for these

   shorter services, I have decided that the toilet will not be in use until

   further notice.

The last few weeks have been a trial for us all and many are ‘chomping at the bit’ to

begin socialising again; however, we must bear in mind that the virus is still in the

community and that not taking care may result in the government re-instituting

some lock-down procedures.

Tracy - Vicar

July 2020

Sunday  5th July

09:00 - Said Holy Communion

10:30 - Said Holy Communion

Wednesday 8th July

09:30 - Said Holy Communion

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday

11:00 - 12:00 Church open for private prayer.